Postseason Launch Coming Soon!

October 4, 2016

Make plans to play MLBingo for the 2016 postseason. We are excited to get the new application launched and on your phone in time for the exciting postseason action.

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MLBingo Postseason Launch

First of its Kind Mobile Sports App

MLBingo Mobile Application


Play along with the Major League Players at your favorite sports bar. The plays made in the game occur in the app.

MLBingo Mobile Application


Dont just sit there. Compete with your friends or the table next to you. Pay attention and be the first to declare BINGO!

MLBingo Mobile Application


Any play can lead to the next winner. Keep punching the events until all Bingo combinations are taken.

MLBingo Mobile Application


The game doesn't stop after the first Bingo. Four combinations for winning and Bingo cards available for any MLB Game.

Game Details

Coming Soon!

Major League Bingo, an interactive bingo game played on the MLBingo game app to the plays and actions that take place during a Major League Baseball game. Players open the MLBingo game app, select the date sensitive Major League Baseball game, the player then receives a digital game card populated with a random variety of baseball plays that typically take place during a regular MLB game.

Available on the App Store

Coming Soon!

As the MLB game plays out, the bingo player marks their digital game card by touching the space with the name of the play that has occurred on the field. Plays that have been marked by the bingo player that are confirmed through the play-by-play data link will remain highlighted and locked in position throughout the game. Winners are declared when someone completes one of the 4 patterns.

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